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English for Education

Anglický jazyk se zaměřením na vzdělávání


The English for Education bachelor's degree program offers students the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge and skills in education, psychology and English Studies. From the perspective of English, the program aims to train well-qualified experts, well versed in the fundamental aspects of the English language and British and American culture. Graduates also learn to work with English texts and to effectively communicate both orally and in a written form.

The skills acquired in the program, along with the knowledge gained, allows graduates of the English for Education program to work with youth groups as well as adults in a flexible and professional manner. Thus, they can find employment not only in education, but also in other positions in the private and state sectors, where such skills and abilities are needed. Besides, the program's practical understanding of educational problems also allows graduates to find employment as teaching assistants at primary or secondary schools. At the same time, the overall goal of this bachelor's degree program is to lay the foundations of psychology, education and English Studies necessary for entering our master's degree program in teaching.

Graduate Profile

The program's graduates acquire solid theoretical foundations in linguistics, literary and cultural studies, as well as ELT methodology, and they are able to apply this knowledge in practice. In terms of linguistics, at graduation, they know the system of the language, can use the proper terminology, and recognize textual examples of the rules of those linguistics disciplines which are taught in the program (phonetics, phonology, morphology and syntax). They also acquire a basic knowledge of history, literature and cultural studies, and are able to assess the importance of key historical events in Great Britain and the United States, as well as their portrayal in works of art. Their ELT training lends them a familiarity with the basic principles of teaching English as a Foreign Language, while the communicative competence of our graduates is at CEFR C1, allowing for effective communication with minimal hesitation.


Compulsory Courses

Only students who have already passed KAJ/KU1BE - Culture I: Introduction to Culture and Literature can sign up for KAJ/KU2BE - Culture II: British Studies and KAJ/KU3BE - Culture III: American Studies.

 Only those who have already passed either KAJ/PP1BE - Writing I: Foundations or KAJ/PP2BE - Writing II: Essay can take KAJ/PP3BE - Writing III: Academic Writing.

Compulsory Elective Courses

Students need to gain at least six credits during their studies in the form of compulsory elective subjects.