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SbuildingThe Department was founded in 1992. The former English Section within the Department of Social Sciences and Languages as well as the English Department in the beginning stages of its development were created mainly by foreign experts recruited for the Czech Republic by the British Council, United States Information Service (USIS), East European Partnership (EPP), Peace Corps and other foreign institutions.

At present, the Department is involved in the structured programme. In addition, the department trains those students of the Department of Primary School Education who wish to specialise in teaching English. The Department is also in charge of teaching and examining students in English who are from all other departments at the Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education (English for Non-Specialists). The English Department also organizes Culture Talks each semester. It is currently the seat of the Regional Centre of the Association of Teachers of English of the Czech Republic (ATE CR). Read more about other activities of the Department.


Pozvánka na konferenci

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Konference vědecké, výzkumné a tvůrčí činnosti FP TUL

se ukuteční dne 14. 2. 2018 v prostorách budovy G na Univerzitním náměstí v Liberci. Program konference je dostupný zde.

Všichni studenti a učitelé jsou srdečně zváni.

Marcela Malá



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Katedra anglického jazyka hledá na letní semestr 2018 dva studenty, kteří by pomohli s katalogizací katedrové knihovny.

Jedná se o práci asi na 2 – 3 hodiny týdně.

Odměna 80,- Kč/hod.

Zájemci prosím kontaktujte sekretářku KAJ Mgr. Ladu Vondruškovou (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Marcela Malá


Doors Open Day 2018

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If you are finishing your studies at high school, and are interested in studying at the Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education, you can learn some interesting information and get practical tips at this year's Doors Open Day. More information and full program at the event's website and Facebook page.


Culture Talk - Xenophobia

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The Borders and Migration Research Group and the English Department cordially invite you to a public lecture on the issues of race, borders and xenophobia in US politics.


The Continuities of American Xenophobia

Trump's Wall and the Chicago Race Riot


Bruce Barnhart, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages
University of Oslo, Norway
The presentation is followed by a Q/A session, allowing for a discussion of the topic and its general context.
November 30, 2017 – Room P102, 18:00 – Building P


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