Renata Šimůnková
Mgr. Renata Šimůnková, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Tutor for Communication with Students
+420-48-535 4271
P-building, 4th floor, office 4005

Office Hours

Office hours in the summer semester 2018/19:

Tue: 9:30-11:00 (odd week); 12:30 - 14:00 (even week)

Fri: 11:00-12:00 (on 15/03 and 26/04: 13:00-14:00)


On Friday 22.3. office hours are cancelled due to testing of distant study students.


Faculty of Arts, Charles University; Ph.D. degree awarded in 2009

Faculty of Education, Charles University, Prague; Mgr. degree in teaching English awarded in 2000

Faculty of Education, Fast-Track Programme, Technical University of Liberec; Bc. degree in teaching English awarded in 1995


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  • 9/2008 – s L. Příšovskou příspěvek na konferenci English for Life. JČU České Budějovice, název příspěvku: English in front of the curtain.

Final papers

Regarding the choice of the topic of your BA theses - I believe the best option is when you have some idea about what you are interested in, what you would like to write about. You are not expected to come to me with a "ready title". I will be more than happy to discuss your ideas with you, help you to narrow or adjust the topic. I would mainly welcome topics from the area of English Morphology and Lexicology which would be dealt with just within English or as a comparative study. A few topics suggested below are intended mainly as a source of inspiration:

Collective nouns and how they are used

Gender in English

Czech names (of people and places) in English texts/translations

Impersonal constructions in Czech and their counterparts in English

Indefinite reference – the way it is expressed in English and in Czech

Metaphor/proverbs in English and in Czech

Conjuncts in English and their position in a sentence

Quantifiers neither, either, both, any, no and none and their use in English


English Department
Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education
Technical University of Liberec, Komenského 314/2
460 05 Liberec 5, Czech Republic

Delivery address
English Department
Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education, 
Technical University of Liberec, Studentská 1402/2
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